Made as part of an internship with OLM Digital (Pokémon), in Tokyo. The Particle System Tools were developed in tandem with OLM’s existing in-house Maya tools.

Particles for Animation

The first tool allows particles to appear as animated meshes. These animations will automatically adjust their playback speed to match the speed of the particle – this is useful for, for example, running animations – where a faster movement would need a faster animation.

The transitioning of animations can be controlled in several ways: Upon entering or exiting a mesh, upon a change in movement direction, or as part of a queue of animations.

Particle Sub-Emission

The “Sub-emission” tool allows particles to spawn other particles. This is mainly used to emit debris on collision with another object.

Sub-emitted particles use a basic physics system, can randomise all parameters (including mesh) on spawn, and choose to inherit velocity from their parent.