The Woman Who Forgot is a digital immersive theatre project. The show is a headphone experience presented through a custom smartphone app that is downloaded to your phone prior to the show. In small guided groups, the audience pick their way around the city, interacting with live actors, five locations, and the general public on their journey through the show.

Audience members embody the mysterious Elizabeth Snow – a woman who wakes on a bus with no recollection of who she is. Elizabeth’s thoughts are played out through the audience’s headphones, as well as her reactions to phone calls, text messages, and Skype calls –  all delivered through the custom app. Led by phone messages and conversations, Elizabeth embarks on a transformational journey or self-rediscovery through the city, encountering characters, family, and haunting memories of her past.

The Woman Who Forgot was premiered as part of the Wellington NZ Art Festival in February 2016 with support from Creative New Zealand and The Museum Hotel.

A Storybox project.

Directed by Jess Feast, written by Rachel Davies, digital by Joe Dixon, and audio by Andy Hummel. Produced by Robert Appierdo, Jasmine Funnell and David Goldthorpe. Production Manager Bridget Carpenter.

The Woman Who Forgot Audience